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The Fashion Awards 2017 nominations are here

Le 26 octobre 2017, 07:57 dans Humeurs 0

Listen up Sydney-siders, Bulgari have descended upon the CBD’s Westfield Sydney, unveiling their latest Serpenti pop-up store. Open from October 16 to November 12, the store will be offering pieces from Bulgari’s Serpenti accessories collection – think quilted and embellished bags, chic eyewear and opulent jewels and timepieces. A ruby-wine hued edition of the star-studded forever bag will be available exclusively at the pop-up, alongside the traditional black and white. Head on over to marvel at the interior of the store, with elements referencing the Italian fashion house’s flagship store in Rome, the Via Condotti, designed by internationally renowned architect, Peter Marino. 

In fashion news today: Bulgari launches Serpenti pop-up in Westfield Sydney; the Fashion Awards 2017 nominations are here

The British Fashion Council has released the nominations for The Fashion Awards 2017, which will see designers, models and business leaders alike, complete for a chance to win in categories ranging from Designer of the Year and British Emerging Talent to Business Leader and Model of the Year. The award ceremony, a fundraising initiative conducted to support the education of emerging talent within Britain, is scheduled to be held in London’s Royal Albert Hall on December 4, in partnership with Swarovski. Notably, the British Fashion Council has welcomed the nomination of Supreme and Fenty Puma by Rihanna, the first street wear labels to be up for an award; model sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid will compete against each other, along with three others, for the converted spot of Model of the Year; and Jonathan Anderson has taken out the most nominated position, in the running to win across four categories. 

In an effort to encourage the youth of today to seek out a career in the aviation industry, Qantas have launched a range of miniature pilot and cabin crew outfits designed by Qantas creative director of fashion, Martin Grant, for children between the ages of three and eight. “We hope the new dress-up range will allow children to let their imagination fly and embrace the magic of travel,” explains the company’s chief customer officer, Olivia Wirth. Introduced as part of their Joey Club program, Qantas will also be making a large investment in inflight entertainment for children, along with further perks for Frequent Flyers. With Christmas delivery on the books, pre-order an outfit for your little ones now.

A New Fashion Market is Coming to Enmore

Le 29 septembre 2017, 05:53 dans Humeurs 0

New Form is launching in Enmore in October. A different “culture enthusiast” will curate the local fashion-focused market each quarter.

Studio Coy

Visitors can buy from local designers, listen to music, have some food, admire the art exhibitions and hang out.

The barbed comments infuriated Italian fashionistas, who leapt to the defence of their country’s haute-couture.

The contretemps was sparked by an article in The New York Times entitled “Does Milan Matter?” 

For the first edition in Sunday October 8, boutique fashion labels Serpent and the Swan and The One Label will join vintage staples Tuesday Vintage and RENCE.

A colourful range of handcrafted jewellery will be sold by Studio Coy, and Zuku Jewellery will showcase its avant-garde wearables. The pieces are unique for the local market and none are mass-produced.

The first market will also exhibit handmade ceramics by Gretel Corrie, which are inspired by the organic shapes and colours found in nature and the female form.

New Form has also partnered with Astrophe, an independent fashion magazine. It will present an exclusive exhibition of its photography prints at the market with a focus on the first issue’s theme: Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky.

Miss Mable’s Food Truck and Turkish Gozleme will provide food and the first 50 customers will be given a free coffee courtesy of Black Market Roasters.

Make sure to pick up a New Form tote bag; all proceeds are going to Black Dog Institute, partners of the event.

Let Suri Cruise Inspire Your Late-Summer Fashion

Le 19 août 2017, 11:55 dans Humeurs 0

Way back in late May or early June—when the warm weather was just finally returning and everyone was full of as much hope as one can have these days—you had some pretty cute summer outfits planned, didn’t you? Neatly cuffed trousers with crisp boat shoes. An airy frock that’s somehow both whimsical and a little sexy. Maybe a daring short-short that you were finally ready to wear in Provincetown, because if not then, when? Maybe you decided to, at long last, embrace the bare midriff, and as June temperatures rose you sashayed the city streets with a new and confident bounce in your step.


But then July happened, and it got hotter and stickier, and the world sank further into whatever hell it’s sinking into. And now it’s the middle of August—those famous, fetid dog days—and you just can’t be bothered, can you? Now it’s all ratty old gym shorts and a promotional T-shirt someone handed to you after a mildly successful Improv Everywhere seven years ago. It’s bad flip-flops from the bad Old Navy paired with what’s essentially a flour sack with a mango salsa stain on it from a Fourth of July party you can only dimly remember at this point. It’s almost the end of summer, and everything’s a mess. Who’s got the energy to look cute?

Maybe Suri’s look can help serve as inspiration for us, that we may scrape ourselves together one last time, for Labor Day, and stumble into some kind of put-together ensemble for whatever melancholy way we’re spending the last weekend of all of this. That’d be good, wouldn’t it? To—much like Vanessa Redgrave does in Deep Impact, just before she goes—make ourselves look nice just once more before the end. The end of summer, I mean! Please, let’s try to keep the doomsday doldrums out of this for now. Just the end of summer. That’s all that’s happening. September’s looming. So let’s try to look presentable for it, shall we? Let’s do it, if for nothing else, for Suri.

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