Christie Brinkley and Ashley Graham recently spoke about the current state of fashion as a part of a new campaign for denim brand NYDJ.

On the same page: The ladies all seemed to agree that the industry is more diverse than ever

The models joined up with Bridget Moynahan and Lana Ogilvie in a chat with host Amanda de Cadenet in a new video for the brand's Fall/Winter Fit To Be campaign, and the ladies had plenty to say about the state of the fashion industry today.

'In the past 40 years that I've been in this industry, it has changed so much!' said 62-year-old stunner Christie. 'Our ideas of what's beautiful have expanded, and that's the most beautiful thing about it. It's so much more inclusive!'

She added: 'Just like the fabric of the jeans, we're stretching that definition of beauty in every direction. Whether it's size, ethnicity, age...'

Plus-size modeling icon Ashley, 28, chimed in to agree with Christie, saying: 'You're right in saying that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and ages, and I think that's the coolest thing about fashion right now.'

Host Amanda then turned to Canadian model Lana Ogilvie, who was the first non-white model to be given a contract with the CoverGirl, to talk about her efforts to make the industry more diverse in the 1990s through the Black Girl’s Coalition. 

The women also joked about the trouble involved in hunting for a good pair of jeans.

Christie said: 'As a former sales girl, I've seen a lot of it up close and personal, and there's a moment when it comes to jeans we all know that the moment of truth happens right about here [gesturing to her mid-thigh].'