A fashion photographer who has captured some of the world's most beautiful women in stunning photographs using just a Polaroid camera has published his favourite shots in a new book. 

Very Jolie: A sultry-looking Angelina poses with a cigarette between her teeth and her midriff exposed in the Polaroid 'tester snap' taken by fashion photographer Sante D'Orazio

A naked Christy Turlington, Angelina Jolie with a cigarette hanging from her bottom lip and a young Kate Moss mountain biking in just a bikini are just some of the iconic snaps Sante D'Orazio has included in the book.

The Italian-American has released the series of quick snaps, often taken as test shots for big fashion shoots with magazines including Vogue and Vanity Fair. 

The book reads like a who's who of Nineties supermodels with everyone from Christy Turlington to Eva Herzigova stepping - and often disrobing - in front of D'Orazio's camera lens. 

The celebrated photographer chose 105 images originally taken as 'preliminary studies' whilst preparing for some of the most iconic fashion shoots of the last 30 years.

The sultry and sometimes grainy snaps were often the test shots for Vogue, Esquire and Vanity Fair and managed to capture the models in provocative poses, often completely naked.

D'Orazio says he loves the simplicity of the Polaroid photograph, describing the work as a 'consciously reduced, almost poetic publication.'

A rudimentary monochrome shot of Kate Moss, captured riding a mountain bike while wearing a polka dot string bikini, sees the global icon pictured at the height of her fame.