Trends come and go, and when crafting your own patch of paradise it can be tempting to succumb to the latest rage in a bid to keep your abode up-to-the-minute. But with design trends turning over so rapidly, is being on-trend, well, off-trend?

It can be tempting to succumb to the latest rage in a bid to keep your abode up-to-the-minute.

With what’s hot and what’s not coming at us 24/7, those with a penchant for classic timelessness and a dislike of seasonal whims could be forgiven for wondering if they are, indeed, not hot. “Avoiding trends is not a mistake,” says leading interior stylist Lisa Koehler, “but then the decision of finishes and furniture become even more important, so your house does not feel out of date.”

To trend or not to trend

If good style demands perfect juxtaposition, then rejecting trends could be an oversight. “I think it’s a mistake to reject something purely because it’s a trend if it makes sense in every other way,” says Simpfendorfer. “Unless you are running a museum, having a mono-era house doesn’t really make sense. Houses and interiors should grow and evolve and use the best of what’s available, whether it’s fashionable or not.” Koehler agrees. “Your home should include your favourite colours and textures and any trends that work well with that style. This is what creates a unique and individual home.”

Future classics

While many trends come and go, it makes sense that some stick and become timeless. “Some trends originate from something real … and they are the ones that outlive the moment of peak saturation,” says Simpfendorfer. “To get to the timeless phase you need to ride out the mass-popularity moment and focus on the reasons you chose them. Copper is a material I absolutely love, but too much can be exhausting. It will calm down eventually, and then the really good copper will still look good and the rest will be binned!”